June 01, 2012

Photo Essay: San Gabriel Mission, Rest In Peace

The Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery may be the oldest American cemetery in Southern California, but the cemeteries of the area's many missions - including the very successful San Gabriel Mission - predate it.

On Memorial Day, when I paid a rare visit to some oft-neglected gravesites, I swung by the Mission to say hello to some more passed souls.

Though older, these headstones were typically in better shape than at Savannah, though they had experienced their own wear and tear...

...and featured etchings that were both more anonymous and more primitive.

After a while, after seeing so many graves, the stones start to blend in together, until you see a face...

...and then you start to see many faces, earthly and heavenly...

...and innumerable crosses...

...trying to ensure that those buried there may truly rest in peace.

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