December 24, 2011

Staying In My Zone

When I was visiting the West Coast so often last year in search of clients and hopefully a job, I would always turn my watch back three hours upon arrival, but I would wait days, sometimes weeks, to turn it ahead three hours upon my return.

Sometimes, because I was going back and forth between New York and LA so often, I would just leave it on Pacific Time, even while I was in New York, so I wouldn't have to turn it back when I got back to LA.

Even back then, I was becoming Californian.

Now that I'm back in Syracuse for Christmas, back for the first time in a year, I still haven't set my watch forward three hours. I like to know what time it is back home without having to calculate it. I don't think I'll set it to Eastern Time before I head back to LA.

After all, I'm going back so soon.

And Pacific Time is my time zone now.

And I plan to keep it that way.

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