December 05, 2011

A Proper Sunset

With the onset of winter, and the setting back of the clocks, I've been particularly mourning the sunset, which I've been missing altogether for the last several months, especially the last six months at my current job.

When I'm on vacation, I never miss a sunset.

But even when I was working in Venice by the beach, I never really saw a proper LA sundown. Since moving here in January, I've caught glimpses of some: pink clouds swirling, a residual glow rising above the palm trees in the west, light slowly extinguishing through the smog, the sun dipping behind a mountain while hiking in Runyon Canyon, but I only really saw it set once during a sunset hike in Griffith Park.

It was about time for another one.

This afternoon, I took a leisurely stroll up and down the various Santa Monica stairs, including those that lead down to the beach along the bluffs from Palisades Park.

And an added bonus: an empty swingset on the beach, the perfect perch from which to enjoy the sunset.

There's no sunset like a beach sunset, and after the weekend I'd had of climbing stairs, race car driving, and getting up at 5:45 a.m. to tour Mount Lowe (report forthcoming), I was happy to simply bask in the glow, and swing.

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