March 11, 2011

All Is Full of Love

I might be paraphrasing a bit here, but at some point in the final act of the film Magnolia, William H. Macy's character is sobbing and says something like, "I have so much love to give...and PUT IT!"

I've always related to that.

I've always looked for a person to love. But I've never loved my own life.

Til now.

I love my apartment. It's mostly furnished now, and not really decorated, but I love what it is now, and what it can be.

I love my car.

I love my commute to work.

I love lunches in Santa Monica.

I love having a job again.

I love walking to and from the Sunset Strip and not having to drive home.

I love my new MacBook Pro.

I love starting over with a clean slate.

I love meeting new people, and I love some of the people I've met. (Or, at least, I like them very much.)

I love being a brunette in a blonde city.

I love suburban sprawl.

I love LA.

I love my life now. And I love what my life can be.

I'd love to share it with somebody.

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