March 01, 2011

Furnishing an Art Deco Apartment on a Dorm Room Budget

When I realized I was moving into a historic Art Deco property, I realized I had to improve my interior design skills.

Up until now, I'd lived in apartments that were furnished as glorified dorm rooms, with space-saving storage units, cheap bookshelves, torchiere lamps, and heavy plastic crates. When I moved out of my Manhattan apartment in August, I put most of that stuff on the curb, leaving me with practically nothing except a table and chairs and a mattress.

I was starting my life over in LA, but I was also starting from scratch in my living space, having sold my couch and thrown or given everything away.

Fortunately, moving into an apartment with an existing distinctive style gave me a little direction in narrowing my already-eclectic taste, which usually has resulted in a kind of organized chaos in my prior decor motifs. But furnishing a new apartment from scratch can get really pricey, and although I had a somewhat of a budget to do that, it was a modest one, and was competing with my budget for a car.

So although I'd promised myself to upgrade my furniture from the KMart back-to-school collection I once owned, I set out to furnish my apartment slowly, deliberately, and affordably. And selecting those pieces has monopolized my time since moving to the West Coast.

I think I've done a good job so far. Some of my new treasures include:
Living Room
Chloe Velvet Metro Living Sofa, Seafoam - Macy's
Gear C-Table - CB2
Golden Geometric Logan Armless Chair - World Market
Angelo:Home Sutton Chair -
Cocktail Trunk Table, Espresso -
Mirrored Tray - Restoration Hardware
Mirrored Console Table -
Distressed Metal Cocktail Table -
Safavieh Soho Blue Burst New Zealand Wool Rug -
Adesso Spotlight Floor Lamp -
Adina Step Stool (floor model, 10% off) - Pier 1

Glass Accent Table -
Mirrored Box - Restoration Hardware
Sunburst Wire Wall Art -
White Sliding Door Media Cabinet -
Adesso Bella Table Lamp -
Metal Accordion Side Table -
Almost everything is here. Almost everything is in place. I still need to put the finishing touches on with what one might call accents - throw pillows, curtains, etc. - and with some photos and framed prints.

But it's starting to feel like home. I'm starting to figure out where to put things, where their natural places lie. Last night, instead of going to bed, I reclined on the couch for awhile, thinking, "I like it here."

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  1. Carrie Corcoran WrightMarch 2, 2011 at 6:55 PM

    Love your choices, Sandi. I hope you post pics once all the accents are in place.

  2. Art deco?? Where? What a joke.

  3. Sunburst is a typical geometric shape of Art Deco. The pattern on the Sutton chair is Art Deco-inspired. The color palette is very art deco (light blue with yellow with oranges/pinks). The materials used - namely, glass, metal, and mirror - are typical of Art Deco. And the most important part, which I did not include photos of, is the apartment itself, with its black and white mosaic tiles in the kitchen, black and white bathroom tiles, and gorgeous art deco hardware on the doors. Thanks for your comment and for reading!

  4. I like your choices especially the sea foam sofa. I do wish you have posted pictures. I want to see what it turned out.

  5. some photos on the Facebook Page, like this one: