May 22, 2010

Photo Essay: The Glass House

The Philip Johnson Glass House site is a sprawling campus of nearly 50 acres tucked away in New Canaan, CT, featuring the namesake glass house, as well as several other buildings and landscape features.

It opened to the public in 2007, two years after the death of modern architect Philip Johnson, whose work includes the New York State Pavilion in Flushing-Meadows Corona Park.

In the years since it's opened, it has required a real hustle to get tickets to the limited tours, but thanks to some swift action by Edith this year, we managed to nab three tickets.


one of The Glass House's four side doors

interior Glass House bedroom and bathroom

exterior Glass House pool, whose conical design makes it impossible to stand up anywhere in it except one spot

The Brick House, facing the Glass House (currently closed for renovations and repairs)

The Brick House rear w/porthole windows and skylights visible

Painting Gallery

Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture Gallery interiors

Sculpture Gallery interior

Interior "Da Monsta" (visitor pavilion)

There's a lot to see on the huge property, and even though we spent hours meandering on a docent-led tour, we didn't get to see everything. I would have loved to climb down to the pond and explore its pavilion, and to see the Glass House from below. But as it was, I feel like we got a treat with our visit, and a rare glimpse into the very personal life of an architect whose work I admire, and whose home was a living, evolving example of his own work - and still looks modern today.

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