May 22, 2010

Photo Essay: The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens

It's nice when I don't always have to have the ideas.

When Edith and I scrambled to get tickets to a Philip Johnson Glass House tour this season, Sebouh asked if we'd want to combine it with a visit to the nearby Pepsi worldwide headquarters, whose campus features a sculpture garden.

We shrugged and, like true explorers, said "Sure."

Upon our arrival, we followed a still, shallow creek along a tree-lined path to the first obvious sculpture, "Jester" by Wendy Taylor, situated in the middle of a pond.

We saw lots of frogs there.

It's a lovely natural area, with gorgeous landscaped trees...

...and gardens with irises in colors both foreign and familiar, including white, yellow, and light blue.

The grounds are impeccably manicured and pristine, every lawn being mowed before it's overgrown, and not a pebble out of place.

Arnaldo Pomodoro: "Triad" (left); Barbara Hepworth: "Meridian" (right)

Oh yeah, and the sculptures aren't so bad either. A couple of my favorites:

Jean Dubuffet, "Kiosque L'Evide"

Arnaldo Pomodoro: "Grande Disco"

George Segal: "Three People on Four Benches"

File under: who knew?

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