September 16, 2009

Photo Essay: A Sliver of Summer in Prospect Park

One of the things Maria and I thought we might do during her visit was hit Prospect Park, a nice venture into the outer boroughs for Maria that offers a wealth of things to do, from horseback riding to pedaling boats on Lullwater, the park's manmade lake.

That was before the rain.

I'd visited Prospect Park pretty soon after returning from California this summer, hiking two of its trails and taking an electric boat ride on the lake. Since then, I've had a couple thwarted plans to return, not only during Maria's visit, but also for night tours also washed out by the rain.

Now that autumn has fallen quickly upon us, I'm not sure I'll make it back there anytime soon. But my one visit there this year was warm, sunny, and surprising - a sliver of summer in a stormy season. On a day like that, Prospect Park is truly an urban oasis, as it was built to be.



turtles tons of Lullwater turtles

closed bridge Terrace Bridge along Lullwater Trail

closed sign
apparently the Terrace Bridge is unstable. I walked under it and across it anyway, ignoring signs like this

Audubon Center Audubon Center

one of the many hidden, tiny waterfalls along the Waterfall Trail

As usual in New York, I had to be armed with plenty of maps to lead the way, especially when I hit construction or some other closure: in my case, setting up for an evening concert and fireworks. Typically, I got lost plenty of times. But I look forward to going back and exploring the Midwood and Peninsula trails. I hope they're open when I do.

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