September 21, 2009

Photo Essay: The Bronx River's Northernmost Pathway

There's a whole world out there that you've never even thought of. There are trees and berries and leaves and deserts and dams and forts and estates and ducks and criminals and driftwood and castles and rivers.

I went exploring the Bronx River again today, hoping to walk the five miles between Valhalla and Scarsdale but only making it as far as White Plains along the Bronx River Walk. I'd already completed Section 2 in early August, and had made a mental note to return in the fall when the foliage would be more scenic, but with a new (temporary) job starting on Wednesday, I thought my autumn free time might be running out. So I tackled Section 3 today.

The path along the Bronx River can get a little circuitous, but generally it's flat, winding, shady, and accessible by the Metro-North. I'm always worried about getting lost, and asked both a bus driver and a gas station attendant how to find the starting point at the Kensico Dam Plaza today, met with blank stares and vague gestures. But a short walk down Broadway (yes, because there's a Broadway in every town) led me to a huge granite dam wall, unmistakably the starting point of the pathway.

Kensico Dam

It's still early in the season, but a few leaves have turned and many more have fallen onto the path, breaking up the green I've quickly tired of with hues of yellow, golden brown, orange, and red, the sun casting its rays through the newly-turned colors more than green would ever allow.

As I got farther south, the pathway became more populated, more citified, so much so that it was easy for me to cut my walk short and head home early.

But I'm glad I have a little bit left (between White Plains and Scarsdale) to come back to and conquer.

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