September 04, 2009

Photo Essay: Abandoned Warehouse, Tivoli Bay

We came across an abandoned warehouse - which looked like a barn from the road - on our way to kayak in Tivoli Bay recently.

front entrance

The rotting roof looked unstable, but I wagered it wasn't going to come down if I simply tiptoed across the large room, sunlight beaming in



The walls were completely covered with a graffiti mural, colors both primary and neon

After walking to the back of the warehouse, I realized we were actually on the second floor, and that there was a floor downstairs and a whole other wing of the building behind us. Though tagged with graffiti as well (albeit less), there was no getting in there or down there safely or without the complaints of my companions who explore less and worry more


I was surprised to see and hear no birds in the rafters, especially considering our proximity to the water. There were only a few signs of life there, besides the graffiti: a cigarette butt, a plastic chair, some broken glass, and the overgrown trees that have thrived from a rainy summer, and are taking over the land they once claimed as their own.

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  1. Just wondering were is this place exactly looks really intresting and i would luv to check it out!

  2. Tivoli Bays Wildlife Refuge (access road only, no trespassing), Tivoli, NY (nearby bard college) there might be a legal trail to walk by to see from outside the fence but can’t say for sure!

  3. Sadly the structure has been torn down 😢. During Covid I explored this place with my friend and i miss that quite a bit.