July 08, 2009

Signs from the Universe

When you could still smoke inside restaurants in New York State, Maria and I always joked as we were waiting for our food that the minute she lit up another cigarette, dinner would arrive.

And, like clockwork, it always did.

I've just booked my return trip home to New York, something that's released a wave of positive energy both on that coast and this one. I realized today, although I haven't gotten on a scale, that my clothes fit better and my body can move with ease and relatively without pain. I am very close to booking a new client starting the day after my return, picking up the slack where Ziggy Marley has left off. I booked an audition for two days after my return, which gives me an excuse to rent a car and drive to Neptune City (God only knows why it's in NJ) and explore the ruins of Asbury Park on the way back (with Edith in tow!). And today I (finally!) met someone with whom I could swap stories of ghost towns, abandoned houses, Mojave hiking trails and slot canyons. We talked for hours, swapping stories of crawling, climbing, digging, dirting our way through the desert.

Finally, I came back to The Desert Lily to witness the most amazing sunset of my trip thus far.

Things are good. I will make the most of the rest of my time here. But I am grateful to have an inkling of what I'm going to be doing with myself once I get back east.

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