July 04, 2009

Photo Essay: Saturday In the (Ball)Park...

...I think it was the Fourth of July....

To celebrate Independence Day during perhaps the most independent period of my life, I went down desert for a good ol' American baseball game (Palm Springs' summer collegiate league team, the Power).


It was a great small-town experience, replete with folksy time-filling promos like a pie-eating contest, a snowball contest, and Rocky, their dancing mascot.

After the sun went down, it was still so hot that they kept the misters on, which really cooled things off.

There was nearly an hour after the game ended until the fireworks were going to begin, and they opened the doors to the general public to see the spectacle for free. I left my seat in the bleachers and positioned myself right on the field.

And took my flip-flops off for the fireworks.

The fireworks were really good - directly overhead, in the big dark night sky, sprinkling color and light into my eyes as I smiled all my cares away... It was nice to not be wandering the streets of New York, searching for a good vantage point, standing in the rain, fighting off drunk people. Tonight, I had a real hometown celebration, really far from home.

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