July 15, 2009

Photo Essay: The High Line at Night

The High Line opened just before I left for Joshua Tree so I didn't get a chance to see it until tonight, when I scurried up the steps at Gansvoort to catch the last moments of the sunset from the new park, which is housed on a former elevated railway.

These photos were taken sequentially from the beginning of the High Line (though it used to extend farther down into the Meatpacking/West Village area, but was demolished years ago) to the end of the first section of completed construction at W. 20th Street (though the last photo is from around 18th Street). Beyond that is more active construction until you get to the Hudson Railyards Spur, whose fate is still undetermined and is being squabbled over by Friends of the High Line and the city and the private rail company that still owns part of the property.

The High Line is free to access and there are some benches and other seats but mostly it feels like a walking park. Concrete was poured around the original rails to create a flat walking surface, though the flooring is intentionally a bit uneven around some of the "wild" landscaping.

It gets really crowded so I would recommend early mornings and weekdays. The view of the sunset is stellar if you can handle all the fellow spectators that you'll share it with...

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1 comment:

  1. Welcome home SandI. Cool stuff that High Line huh? Went during the day a few weeks back.