May 10, 2008

Making Choices

I could've had bone marrow for dinner again last night at Blue Ribbon, but instead I chose to have a good light meal with a leek salad and a special appetizer of something I think he called "rouge fish." Lots of veggies left me room for dessert and lots of wine. Regardless, our waiter, Benjamin, with the way he described the minerality of my Aligote wine and the flavor and texture of each dish we asked about, could've probably gotten me to eat anything.

Benjamin and I really hit it off - I'm a sucker for a nice beard - but the biggest turnoff was when he was trying to get me to come back and visit by saying, "I work 15 hour shifts just about every night! I'm here every Friday!" A relationship like that is bound to fail. Normally I would leave my number or at least my business card for a cute waiter like that, especially since I work up the street, but last night I left it in my pocket, and just waved as we walked out the door.

I will go back, but more likely to try their bone marrow and oxtail or the pigeon entree (which I'm bound to dislike).

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