May 30, 2008

Hitting My Stride

I got through yesterday by just looking forward to having a nice dinner and going to The Johnnie Walker Journey, a private scotch tasting event that I managed to get invited to. There's really something wrong when the only thing that gets you through the workday is the promise of free scotch after work, but you do what you can.

We left work early for us to grab some dinner at Market Table, which is a total 180 from its prior occupant, Shopsin's. The exposed brick and chalkboard wall create a gorgeous, rustic, country market look - similar to what Borough Food & Drink is going for but with better food.

Edith is a good dinner partner because she likes to split dishes, so we got the skate on white gazpacho with green grapes, and a side of asparagus with egg and parmesan. One of the highlights of my entire evening was sticking my fork into the glistening yolk and watching it burst. It was almost better than actually eating it.

A couple of unnecessary wines in our bellies, we strode over to Skylight Studios for the Johnnie Walker tasting. A free cocktail, a few snacks and a lot of douchebags later, we finally got to run through the gamut of Johnnie Walker colors: the basic black, the chilled gold, the mixer red, the earthy green, and the premium blue (another highlight, served in a snifter). Each tasting was a pretty small portion, but in aggregate, we'd had quite a bit of scotch which made the evening go by pretty fast.

After kind of a late night, I was lucky enough to be able to work from home today, conducting conference calls from my home phone and laying in bed with the laptop on my legs. Resting up for more adventures. No more work til Monday.

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