May 09, 2008

Love Is a Losing Game

I auditioned to be on the new version of The Dating Game today. If they choose me, it won't be a fix to my very broken love life, but it'll be a free date and hopefully fun.

The casting director asked me why I wanted to be on the show, and sadly I had to say that I thought I needed help. I've never used the services of a professional matchmaker, but my reality show addiction to Matched in Manhattan and Millionaire Matchmaker has really wanted me to. At least in the case of The Dating Game, the potential dates are curated for me, even though ultimately the decision is still up to me.

I didn't bother looking camera-ready for the audition, and I even wore my glasses. I wanted to seem like a real person, but memorable. Instead, I think I made myself a sympathetic character, because we all seemed a little more depressed once the interview was over.

The worst part was recalling my best date ever. Unfortunately, I don't go on that many dates so it's easy to mentally go through them all, but then describing the one date I was able to get with my eye doctor was heartbreaking. That was four years ago and I still don't know what went wrong. And I still wish I was with him.

So maybe I've got to be more aggressive and really put myself out there on national TV - and not on Rock of Love or some other such trainwreck. A real date, just him and me, no other girls sitting on his lap during my time....

I hope they pick me.

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