June 02, 2018

Deciphering the Topiaries of Edna Scissorhands

I swear, sometimes I can't believe what Southern Californians do with their yards.

And with as many home haunts, sculpture gardens, and folk art environments as I've seen so far, I continue to be surprised.

Today, I found myself drawn to the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego for Harper's Topiary Garden.

It had been one of those crazy days when I'd driven two and a half hours to see one thing and planned to just turn around and go back home to my cat.

But after stopping for lunch, I wanted to squeeze one more sight in my seeing—and lo, there was the handiwork of Edna Harper, the self-proclaimed "Edna Scissorhands" (in a nod to the Tim Burton movie featuring the gentle, shear-handed monster named Edward).

Edna has maintained a menagerie of land animals, sea creatures, and human figures right there on the hillside of her front lawn since the mid-1990s...

...much to the enjoyment of the neighborhood and tourists alike.

Part of the fun of visiting is trying to discern what exactly you're looking at...

...whether it turns out to be a serpent...

...a playful pair of lovers...

...or a beached whale.

Whatever you think they are, Edna will tell you you're right. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild, as though lying on a picnic blanket looking up at the clouds.

Just don't climb up through them or on top of them!

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