May 27, 2018

Spending the Night in the Box

I've slept in a tent, a treehouse, some trailers, and a few tipis. I've slept under the stars, and I've slept in the rain under the covers on a queen bed surrounded by the smell of cat pee.

But this weekend was my first time sleeping in a salvaged, repurposed refrigerator box.

It may not have looked like much from the outside, but to my delight, I discovered that my host had transformed the inside into a "bohemian hideaway."

The box was surprisingly roomy, nearly as big as my accommodations had been at the proper B&B I stayed at in Joshua Tree, The Desert Lily.

And after one night "camping" at Pinnacle Farms in Phoenix... to a grove of lime trees...

...I'm certain that I could spend a month there comfortably.

(And I'd consider it, too, if I didn't have my cat to come home to.)

Sure, I could've booked a motel or hotel room for a bit more money and an indoor shower, but I'm not convinced that I'd get any more comfort out of it.

Why? (That's what my friends wanted to know.) Well, it was cheap, quiet, rustic, ecologically friendly, and adventurous.

It was also something I'd never done before, and it seemed worth trying at least once.

In the end, although it was just eight miles from downtown Phoenix, it felt like I was a world away. And as I get older, I'm far more interested in remoteness than proximity to a city center.

Sometimes, I think, the farther, the better.

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