December 29, 2016

Photo Essay: Top Posts of 2016

I think I grew up listening to too many year-end countdowns on my favorite radio stations, because I've felt compelled to do a "Year In Review" for the last three years, around this time of year.

Maybe it's just human nature—to want to look back and reflect upon where we've been, what we've done, and who has noticed.

I don't pay very much attention to the statistics of this site because I get a lot of satisfaction out of the process of assembling it—and I don't really measure my success by how many clicks or comments I'm able to elicit.

But nevertheless, some posts do resonate with people more than others, so it's interesting—if not meaningful—to at least know what those are.

This year, like many of the past years, certain posts from years ago still get a lot of traction now. So, in the spirit of not repeating myself, I've left those out this year.

As a result, here follows the Top Posts of 2016 that were actually posted in 2016, more or less in descending order:

Crossing the Border (Cruzando la Frontera)

Photo Essay: USS Iowa, The Last of the Battleships

Photo Essay: A Night on the Battleship

Photo Essay: Naples, the Dreamland of Southern California

Photo Essay: A Jeepney Tour of Historic Filipinotown

Photo Essay: The Extinction of Dinosaur Swampland

Photo Essay: A Farewell to the Palace on Mount Yamashiro

Open Letter to Our New President

Photo Essay: A Fake Cemetery (with Real Headstones)

Photo Essay: Belmont Tunnel and the Hollywood Subway's Fade Into Oblivion

I've got about 20 posts still in draft mode that I'm working on finishing up, so there's still lots more to come.

The most I can wish for you—and myself—is that the next year be better than the last.

Onwards and upwards, my friends.

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