February 03, 2016

Photo Essay: The Broad Museum & Its One Big Draw

After visiting the new Broad Museum of Contemporary Art twice now...

...well, three times, if you consider the visit when I didn't have a reservation and refused to wait in a line around the block...

...I've come to realize that people have been coming out in droves to this place for one thing.

And it's not the pile of chinaware plates in the lobby that's been drawing them in.

I'll bet you that they're not crowding the ground level for the lamppost sculpture or the gift shop.

Why aren't any of them going upstairs?

When I visited for the first time, back in October... of the security guards told me I was the only person he'd seen looking up at the actual building.

Now, of course, for me, the draw was really the building...

...not the Jeff Koons pieces...

...the Warhols, or the neon signs.

Sure, their collection of contemporary art is impressive... is their peek-a-boo storage space for it.

But, for me, it's the tunnels that lead you up and down and throughout the two-story space.

But the thing that brought me back two more times after that first visit...

...was the same singular thing that people come to The Broad for, just off the lobby area:

...Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrored Room: The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away."

Was it worth three different trips—and upon my third, waiting over two hours—just for 45 seconds in a tiny mirrored room with LED lights strung from the ceiling?

No, not really.

But I'd been hearing about it since it was a sensation in New York City, and I just didn't want to miss out on it.

And at least it was cool for 45 seconds.

But it seems a bit cruel to limit your experience to 45 seconds? What do you even see?

What have I experienced?

I have no idea.

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