February 24, 2016

Dear Los Angeles, from Frank Gehry

Photo taken inside the Resnick Pavilion at LACMA on 2/23/16

Dear Los Angeles

We met many years ago when we were both young and we had stars in our eyes and we wanted to make a beautiful oasis, a beautiful place. There weren't a lot of rules, there weren't a lot of spotlights and there weren't a lot of people watching. There was a lot of freedom for a creative person to explore ideas, make things. Anywhere else in the world I would have had difficulty taking the route that you afforded me.

So now we are all grown up and we have a mature group of creative professionals joining us that believe in your uniqueness. Together we all want to help, to address our collective experience and some of the challenges still confronting us.

We've been good partners and we are stronger for it. Lets continue taking care of each other.

Frank Gehry

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