December 31, 2015

Photo Essay: Top Posts of 2015

To be honest, my most popular posts, pretty much any time I check, are a couple of years old now: my photo essays of the abandoned Rancho Los Amigos and George Air Force Base. I don't think anybody else is really documenting those places, so I'm one of the only resources out there for someone who's interested.

Sometimes, it pays to stand out.

Of course, I think I'm being predictable when I go snooping around yet another pile of crumbling ruins, but I guess I've carved out a niche for myself. The thing is, there are so many other things in this world that I'm interested in, so I can't spend all my time on the dark side.

But still, posts about urban exploration and relics and ruins tend to be pretty popular, as you can see by my Top Posts of 2015 below, ranked by number of views. They're not necessarily the best-written or best-photographed posts, but they certainly interested people the most.

Photo Essay: Into the Abyss of Downtown LA's Underground Tunnels

Photo Essay: Goodbye to a Goodyear Blimp

Photo Essay: A 1911 Historic Mansion, Defaced and Defiled

Photo Essay: Upon the Revitalization of the Red-Tagged Rialto Theatre

Photo Essay: Fox Theatre Fullerton, 90 Years Old and Starting Over

Keep Street Art on the Street

Photo Essay: Surviving the Apocalypse at Oat Mountain's Nike Missile Site

Daddy's Girl

I've got more than 30 posts in draft mode that I've started to write and haven't finished yet, so I can promise I've got some good stuff already planned for this blog in 2016.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Happy New Year.

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