March 01, 2015

Photo Essay: Randsburg, a Living Ghost Town?

Is it really a ghost town if people still live there?

I get a bit spooked when I'm skulking around a place that's clearly inhabited, even if it's just by a few people.

I guess that explains why I was so comfortable spending the night in Randsburg as one of those residents – and the resulting tour I got the following morning, conducted by Randsburg's man-about-town, Goat...

...and not as a tourist, with three other people new to Randsburg, just passing through on our way to Trona Pinnacles.

Then again, where were those people that live in Randsburg?

At 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday, all the businesses were closed.

And they all looked a bit like those fake storefronts you see at the movie ranches... the painted backdrop Western town that faked out the bad guys in Blazing Saddles.

Does anyone actually live here, besides Goat? [Update 10/9/21—It appears as though Goat may no longer live there anymore, either, as his Goat's Sky Ranch has closed and reopened as the Cottage B&B.]

Were they watching us from behind closed doors?

Does anyone ever actually open up shop?

Does time just stand still here?

The town looked unchanged from my last visit three years ago...

...all alone, also on my way to Trona...

...the ghosts remaining buried in the Rand Cemetery...

...where the desert winds sweep by.

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