March 08, 2014

Spring Forward

Although I object to a biannual changing of the clocks as a general principle, I can't wait to spring forward.

It's not just the ethos of moving forward, something to which I always aspire.

It's the extended hours in the day, later in the day.

I used to dread setting my clock one hour ahead on a late Saturday / early Sunday because it meant less sleep for me: settling in at 5 a.m. was suddenly actually 6 a.m., and was no longer just late night but very much the next morning. 

These days, I'll happily go to bed an hour early since I'm usually not out that late anyway. I'll happily wake up knowing that we skipped right over 2 a.m. to 3 a.m., but since I was sleeping, I didn't miss a thing. I'll happily soak in some last remaining sunlight when I leave the office at the end of a workday.

It used to be that I waited all day for night to come. My day never really started until night fell. Now, when it gets dark, I know my day is over, and everything is coming to an end. There's not much I want to do without the sunshine and the open air.

So now, for a few months, I get a little extra time in the day to cram a few more things in...

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