January 18, 2014

Go With Your Gut

you feel like something's wrong
and everybody tells you you're wrong
and you know you might be wrong
but you have to go with your gut.

And sometimes
you find out you were right all along
and no one else saw it coming.
And you're glad you trusted your instincts
and you believed your intuition.

You couldn't explain why.
You couldn't justify.

You weren't being hard on yourself.
You weren't overreacting.
You were giving it a chance.
You were seeing it through.
You were letting it play out.

And when the cards were laid onto the table
and the Universe revealed itself
and the stars aligned and the cookies crumbled,
you're glad you didn't go too far
or immerse yourself too deeply.

Because it didn't work out.
It couldn't work out.
It wouldn't work out.
It would never work out.

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