December 09, 2013

Photo Essay: George Air Force Base, Under Blockade & Demolition

Despite the fact that Victorville's abandoned George Air Force Base totally freaked me out upon my first visit, I hadn't seen enough of it yet, and I knew I had to get back.

I also felt a sense of urgency, because that place is so bad, they'd be sure to tear it down soon.

When I went back last week, I realized I'd been right:

...many of the interior roads within the air force base which were once open have now been barricaded...

...and other parts, fenced off.

Active demolition crews now work on site (whereas no one was around back in September), and the baseball field had been converted into a pile of rubble.

Many of the recognizable landmarks of the AFB still remain...

...including signage...

...and tumbleweed-addled barracks...

...with a few discarded personal items.

The hospital still stands patiently...

...whereas Children's World (the former daycare center) has become an island, its access road and parking lot now covered in dirt and detritus...

...rendering the trip to get anywhere near it an off-roading excursion.

I still didn't want to go into any of the buildings, though I knew they would likely be demolished soon... had, perhaps, the Phantom Lanes, the Officers Club, the Community Center, and the Photo Lab - none of which I could find, and the latter of which definitely was demolished in 2006.

I wonder what's left inside there, if anything.

I wonder how long until these buildings are bulldozed.

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