June 21, 2013

Photo Essay: La Quinta Cove Oasis

They call it the La Quinta Cove "Oasis," but it's as dry as the desert can be - save for a few water tanks on regulated access, "DO NOT ENTER" parcels of property within it.

In the foothills of the Santa Rosa San Jacinto National Monument...

...there are trails that wind through the granite debris that has tumbled down from the mountains...

...intermingling with desert flora... a wide open space.

I chose the relatively easy and somewhat flat Cove to Lake Trail...

...which, at a mere 2.5 miles each way, proved too much for me on a hot June morning...

...when I got started probably an hour or two later than I should have.

After all, it's been almost a year since my last hot summer desert detox...

...and my legs aren't conditioned for walking in sand...

...under the hot sun.

I couldn't make it to Lake Cahuilla from the cove.

I tried, but I only got as far as seeing the lush, green landscape peeking out from between the mountainous peaks.

And then I had to turn back.

As a consolation, I tried driving to Lake Cahuilla and picking up the trailhead from that end. It would be a cheat, but at least I would get a break, and maybe I could cool off and recover enough to actually complete the entire hike from the other end.

But alas, the lake was closed on that day.

That stretch of land - the part that really transitions from granite-dusted foothill to watery oasis - remains the trail unhiked.

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