June 01, 2013

Dust on the Lens

I was telling Maria about a chance I might have to do a showing of some of my photos...
...and I was coming up with every reason not to do it.

I don't have a very nice (and by that I mean expensive) camera.

I don't shoot in very high quality digital files, keeping them relatively small for the web.

And there's so much dust on my lens, you can usually see it in the photos.

"I don't know," Maria said, "I like some dust on the lens."

And I guess I agree with her on the appeal of a photo that's slightly imperfect, rather than pristine. It shows that the camera has been somewhere and done something, been through something. I guess I just didn't think anyone else would want them any less than perfect.

If you're going to take the camera out during a sandstorm, you're going to get some dust on the lens. And it's not just on the lens - you can't wipe it off - but, rather, it's in the lens.

I could take the camera to a repair shop to remove the particles. I usually try to fix their pockmarks in Photoshop.

Or, I could just leave them there, and show my photos, with all their imperfections, the blemishes making them somehow more perfect, I suppose, showing the storms they have known...

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