May 05, 2013

Photo Essay: Union Theatre, West Adams

I had the chance to visit the old Union Theatre in LA's historic West Adams neighborhood, where the Velaslavasay Panorama is now housed.

I captured only a small amount of photos.

Then again, it's a very small theater.

It originally opened as the Union Square Theater, maybe in the '30s, maybe in the '20s, maybe before.

It's been reincarnated many times, as a neighborhood cinema, a church meeting house, as well as a tile layers' union hall.

A piano stands unplayed.

Lights illuminate the pockmarks on the walls.

An organ invites curious fingers.

An upstairs level has been constructed to house the panorama, which changes periodically.

Right now it's "Effulgence of the North."

Outside in the back...

...there's a lovely garden...

...that feels wild and a bit unkempt...

...which is part of the charm of the entire place.

I went to the Union Theatre for a beekeeping event. It turns out they keep bees on their roof, and facilitate would-be beekeepers to learn their craft.

You just never know what you'll find in LA...

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