March 02, 2012

Squeezing Through Titus Canyon With Low Clearance

[Last updated 9/8/19 10:41 PM—old photos added]

I'd been to Titus Canyon before.

In 2008, I'd parked at the wrong end of the one-way road that led out of it.

I'd walked a bit into the slot canyon, but without knowing how far it went or what I'd see, I aborted my hike and turned back.

And for four years, all I wanted to do is drive the right way through Titus Canyon.

At first, I was slightly daunted by the recommendation of a high clearance vehicle, but I figured if four-wheel drive wasn't required, I'd be OK.

At the very least, I'd spend the night in Beatty to render myself close to the entrance. I'd take the turn-off from Daylight Pass Road and see how far I could go.

I'd drive until I could drive no more. And the funny thing is, I just kept on driving.

Sure, it was harrowing at points. With only 2WD, I was ill-equipped for sand, gravel, uneven terrain, and rocks undertire. But with a low center of gravity, I held my ground steadfast, and, though rocking side to side, continued to move forward.

I never felt like I was going to get stuck. I giggled nearly the entire way.

I wondered how many people hadn't even tried to make it through.

I wondered how many people hadn't made it through at all. What had happened to them?

I rounded corners, climbed hills, and teetered along ridges.

I squeezed between walls that were only 20 feet apart.

I passed hikers who peered at me quizzically.

Finally, I emerged from the mouth of the canyon with an enormous sense of accomplishment.

See the last 1.5 miles here:

Squeezing Through Titus Canyon With Low Clearance

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  1. Did you see the wreck of the old Model T on the way up past Rhyolite?

    i tore the muffler off a rental a few years back. There was more gravel then and I had to floor it just to get through. Then, as I'm peeling down through the Canyon, I came face to face with a big black mountain Ram. He looked at me as if I was bananas.