March 06, 2012

Photo Essay: Ghost Towns of Death Valley

One of the main attractions of the Death Valley area is its numerous ghost towns, both in the park and in its surrounding areas.

Some of them you can only hike to. Some of them require four wheel drive to access them (e.g. Skidoo). Others have nothing left but a historical marker (e.g. Garlock).

Most of them were built for some kind of mining endeavor (gold, lead, borax, etc.), and when the industry dried up, so did its thriving population.

Some are well worth a visit, and a friendly hello to whichever caretaker keeps an eye on things.

Randsburg, CA - Population 65

Ballarat, CA - Population 2, including the town caretaker, Roc

Darwin, CA - Population 30ish

Leadfield, CA (in Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park)

Death Valley Junction, CA

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