October 25, 2011

Not Going Back

Upon my return from New York, people keep asking me one question, phrased in a variety of ways, but all leading to the same inquisition: "So did visiting New York make you miss it so much that you want to move back?"

And my reply, phrased in a variety of ways, has been consistently, insistently asserting: "No way."

I missed my little LA life. I was looking forward to coming back. I'm glad to be back.

And although I had a great time a couple weekends ago, I don't need to relive an old New York life. There's plenty of new Los Angeles life to experience for the first time.

I may no longer be a New Yorker, but I've returned to LA alone - to my apartment alone, to my office alone. I'm not quite Californian yet either. I'm still becoming.

But as much as I'm still not settled in here, in my new home, I'm not going back.

Onwards and upwards.

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