August 03, 2011

An Unexpected Boldness

I was doing some Beverly Hills historic home-stalking on Sunday morning when I was dismayed to see that the Neutra-designed home on Sunset that's slated for demolition was well-protected behind a high chain-link fence covered in a gauzy green tarp.

I walked the perimeter of the driveway, peering through any slight opening I could find, trying to cram my camera's lens in between the links to catch a glimpse of the ill-fated home that lie somewhere behind.

I got a bit spooked when I heard footsteps behind me, and quickly put my camera back in my purse and started to go on my merry way.

A man approached me, climbing up the driveway. "Oh are you here to look at the house too?" he asked. "I was sent by my boss."

"Oh I was sent by my friend!" I said, relieved, willing to pull the grad student / historic preservation / non-profit card to give me an air of legitimacy.

I pointed out how fenced off it was, and he asked me, "What's back there?"

"I don't know," I said. "But let's have a look."

Suddenly emboldened by his presence, I got down on the pavement and executed a limbo scoot under the fence as he first looked on in disbelief, and then pulled up on the fence gate a bit to give me some more room.

He then followed suit.

Now on the other side, we were greeted by another gate, a long driveway, and no house in sight. If that area weren't so populated I might've managed to hop the fence, but I feared being spotted by the neighbors. So, in defeat, we went back the way we came, under the fence, scraping along the blacktop, collecting twigs and other debris on our backsides along the way.

I don't know what it was about his presence that made me more fearless than when I had been alone. Maybe I was showing off. Maybe I just felt brave in comparison to him, his demeanor a bit more skittish than mine (though, in the end, he did climb under the fence too).

But regardless of the reason, imagine what I'd be capable of if I could find more partners in crime!

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  1. I climbed over both fences in the middle of the night, September 2011. :)