October 11, 2010

Photo Essay: Central Park Arsenal

The arsenal in Central Park is one of the sites featured in Open House New York's annual weekend that's normally open to the public during the week.

At Fifth Avenue and E. 64th Street, you can see the musket railing of the front door stairs...

...and snare drum lights...

You can even view the WPA murals in the lobby which have aged to such a dark pallor that they're nearly impossible to photograph.

But on this weekend, there is one area that we got to see that's normally only accessible to Parks employees: the rooftop garden.

Up there, you're amongst the turrets of the arsenal that was built as a castle, first in white stucco, then restored to red brick. You're overlooking the Central Park Zoo and legions of tourists.

But it's quiet, except for the bees.

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