October 07, 2010

Open House NY, A Look Back

For the last eight years, the first weekend in October has been my favorite weekend out of the year.

On that one weekend of the year, historic buildings, parks, institutions, private residences, boats and other landmarks around the city open their doors to the public to give a glimpse into their normally-inaccessible dark corners, stabilization projects, basements, towers and attics.

When I was preparing myself to move to the West Coast - a move I still have not done yet but one that I have not yet given up on - I told all my friends I would be back for this weekend.

As I assemble my schedule for this year's tours, hitting sites throughout Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, the Gowanus Canal and elsewhere in Brooklyn, I'd like to look back on some of the highlights of Open House New York weekends past....


Brooklyn Bridge Park, Under Construction

Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Masonic Hall

MTA Substation #13


Old Croton Aqueduct (Bronx Section) and Roosevelt Island

The Octagon, Roosevelt Island

For more photos of all 2008 sites, click here


Ellis Island Abandoned Hospital, Murray's Cheese Caves


Floyd Bennett Field and Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Unfortunately many past tours (including Marble Cemetery, the High Line way before construction started, and the Octagon during construction) were taken either with only a cell phone camera in hand, or no camera at all! And many before my blogging (and therefore documenting) began!

Stay tuned for dispatches from OHNY '10! You can also follow my tweets (tagged #OHNY) @avoidingregret on Twitter.

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