April 22, 2010

Photo Essay: Earth Day at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I hadn't been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden since the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2006. I was happy back then. I'm trying to recapture some of that joie de vivre.

I hadn't really even seen cherry blossoms since then, since my trip to the White House last year placed me in D.C. past peak.

Earth Day seemed the right day to go, to not only avoid the crowds of the big festival the weekend after next, but to catch the cherry trees before visitors had shaken all of the blossoms off of them.

Cherry blossoms aren't the only attraction to the botanic garden now though, as evidenced by the gorgeous photos in the BBG's Twitter feed.


sleeping duck


A real highlight was the Lilac Walk, the most fragrant area of the garden in bloom right now, full of bees so distracted by the sweet offerings on either side of the walkway and above the arbors, they didn't even pay attention to us. Their incessant buzzing was unavoidable, but it was not for us. We weren't what they were after.



Most of the daffodils were completely gone by now. Though some of the tulips were on their way out...

Double Dutch

...many were still gorgeous, standing tall, with their vibrant colors on full blast.


The garden was sprawling, sunny, and mostly peaceful. It's nice to sometimes feel smaller than the world around you.


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