April 12, 2010

City Conversations: At the Dentist

"Yeah, so it looks like I'll probably be moving to California by the time my lease is up in August," I said once my dentist's metal implement stopped probing my molars.

"You know, a change of scenery would probably be good for you," he said, with a snap of his white rubber gloves. "In Thailand, change is thought to bring on good luck. They can't move around their country the way that we can here, so they just change their names to change their luck."

"Oh yeah?" I said, surprised and kind of jealous. I've always hated my name.

"Yep," he said with a grin, the overhead fluorescent light glinting off the corner of his metal-framed glasses. "My wife changed her name, and then she met me!"

I guess even if I don't move away, I can always change my name...

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