February 07, 2010

From Paris With None

I'm starting to feel very alone. I've been relegated to the back of the plane despite Abdellah's attempts to upgrade me, and people are staring at me in my empty row. I keep visually inspecting the others' luggage for tags from my tour group, hoping to find some camaraderie. But I am alone.

Maybe that's why all the flight staff gave been speaking exclusively in French to me, and quickly as I nod in comprehension and mutter a "bonjour" or "merci" or "oui" (pronounced, of course, "oohway"). I'm happy to be mistaken for French, despite my American passport, as I have been in London and Morocco in trips past.

I'm daunted by the prospect of a day on my own in Tunis, especially when all I can desire is sleep.

I think I can cut myself a break today and rest up for the exploration that the rest of this trip has in store...

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