February 13, 2010

A Change Is Gonna Come

Sometimes places change your life. My existential crisis - which still persists - started during my long weekend in Death Valley nearly two years ago. This time last year, I spent Valentine's Day alone in Joshua Tree, which led me to returning for a month over the summer, conquering many of my fears of being alone and being outdoors, and redefining myself (somewhat anyway) as an artist.

I have that feeling about Tunisia. I'm not sure what my trip here is going to lead to, but I feel something coming. Maybe it's far off in the distance, but even after only a week here, I feel like a different person. I'm always laughing and smiling, calm, ready to get up in the morning, patient, unworried, unmarred.

It hasn't been a mind-blowing trip the way Morocco was (though I do have some spectacular photos which I'll share soon enough), but it feels like it may be a watershed moment in time in my life, however small, maybe even just as small as the dribbling waterfalls of the Grande Cascade which are way too tiny to be grand at all.

But I guess I won't know until I come back, and although I don't really want to come back, I must if I'm going to find out where this trip will lead me next.

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