August 03, 2009

You Can Definitely See Me

I wrote recently about the scene I shot for the IFC original comedy series Z Rock. The episode aired last night, so here is the clip I promised.

For now, some of the wacky stuff I do - winning game shows, hosting on QVC, working as a featured extra - is just fun. And why not have some fun now, while I'm young and single, not working fulltime?

I don't have any lines in this scene, but as predicted, you can definitely see me. And that's more than I can say for lots of the other work I've done.

I got cast purely based on my looks for this part. They didn't really need more from me than that. I mean, sitting at a table reacting to what's happening around you isn't exactly difficult.

The scene wasn't really scripted (I don't think the show really is, either), and half the time, Marky Ramone had no idea what was happening around him. Z02 lead singer Paulie isn't exactly an actor either - he's just a funny, charming guy with a good set of pipes.

But we all had fun together, and it's fun to see the finished product.

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