August 28, 2009

Photo Essay: Coney Island, After Astroland

It's not what you think. Coney Island is still Coney Island. The parachute jump is still lit up at night. The big Wonder Wheel keeps on turnin'. The Cyclone rumbles away with the sound of cracking wood and the silent screams of the few dedicated passengers who ride it repeatedly despite their diagnosed whiplash conditions.

But Astroland hangs in the air, suspended in time between them. Some of the rides are gone, but many still stand, unlit, unbleached by the sun, unvandalized and unrusted. The yellow flag for Pony Rides still flaps on its strings. A cotton candy machine almost looks open for business. But they are all boxed up in a chainlink fence, with laser printer signs marking the area "CLOSED."

Still, barkers still bark. Seagulls still squeak.

Deno's Wonder Wheel park

And the El Dorado Auto Skooter was open, ready for me to bump my ass off.

After that, I was ready to dance the night away with Donna Summer at the final installment of the (free!) Seaside Summer Concert Series.

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