May 29, 2009

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Stabilization Project

Construction on this site had already started last fall, when I rattled the chainlink fence that had been erected around it and caught the attention of a security guard who gave me the evil eye. I liked standing on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island all alone, surrounded on both sides by the Manhattan skyline and Queens "vistas." But even though I couldn't get into the hospital ruins by that time (maybe if I had tried a year before, before the north wall collapsed), my only wish was for its stabilization.

Glad to see that wish coming true.

Further info:
Old Smallpox Hospital Transforms into Island Park - NY1

1 comment:

  1. I would of sold the Small Pox hospital to Fordham University. Fordham is always demanding presence in the NYC and still wants to maintain the gothic setting, where better than a 1850 small pox hospital. It may seem a bit abstract but it would be a perfect asset to te school, and its students.