May 30, 2009

Adventure is out there!

It's no surprise that I found an animated movie about an old guy who flies his house to Venezuela by a bunch of helium balloons appealing.

But the story of a lost love and a dream deferred was truly heartbreaking. The kid next to me - who was squirming in her seat enough to star in a version of The Rocking Horse Winner - kept looking at my tear-streaked face illuminated by the movie screen and whispering to her mom. I tried not to pay attention and suspend my disbelief.

There's just something about a movie like this - or, likewise, the first act of WALL-E - that brings immediate tears to my eyes, even before anything happens or anyone says anything.

I could have done without the pack of talking dogs but I suppose the studio needed an extra element to appease the squirming kids. The ratings system warns of "peril" and boy, is that right. Even I was scared.

Here's a relatively tame clip from the movie (courtesy of Apple) that shows the gorgeous landscape and beautiful colors. Go see it in the theater for the 3-D experience.

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