December 12, 2007

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Conveniently timed during Hanukkah, I went to my first bris last night. Catered by Katz's and replete with Manischewitz, it was a lovely event, for a tiny, cute, bedheaded baby boy. I tried to put aside my own convictions about circumcising innocent little ones (see "The Rights of Baby Boys" - The New York Times), turn a deaf ear to the crying, and knock a few bagels and lox back.

I actually had three parties to go to last night, the next one being the Adventure Society holiday party. I'm on their mailing list and even though I've never participated in one of their excursions, I really want to. I decided to go to the party and drink their bizarre cocktails (including one made with Italian herbal liqueur Fernet) and try to meet dudes that want to hang glide with me.

Unfortunately the party was in a cramped office space and wasn't very social. Everybody there was in their late 30s or 40s and ... well... not attractive. And not interested in me anyway. The best part of it was when I let the wine girl go to the bathroom and I manned her station. I think I only poured a couple of glasses of wine (besides for me and Edith) but I really enjoyed being "behind the bar." Helped fulfill that fantasy I have of opening my own place...

After that we made a late night stop at the Hog Pit for some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and a goodbye kiss to Brad, who's moving to London. That's too many fantasies for one night - it feels like all my friends are getting jobs and moving to London, and I want to be next.

More parties to come this holiday season, including our office party next week...And boy could I use it. I've got some bells to jingle.

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