About Me

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I am a woman of many identities. Some might say too many.

I have been a professional writer since I was 17 years old as a teen reporter in Syracuse, NY, when I cracked a front page news story in my local paper, garnering national attention.

But there's lots more that I do—public speaking at a variety of conferences and meetings; freelancing as a field agent for Atlas Obscura, ghostwriter, proofreader, copyeditor, paralegal, leasing agent, building manager; volunteering on the board of the Los Angeles City Historical Society; and participating as a member or former member of The Los Angeles Breakfast Club, Friends of Rockhaven, LA Conservancy, Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, and Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley.

Conferences / Panels / Presentations
Historical Society of Crescenta Valley, Glendale, CA (2021)
The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles, virtual (2021)
Adventures Worth Exploring, Anaheim, CA (2018)
The Los Angeles Breakfast Club, Los Feliz, CA (2018, 2021)
Midsummer Scream, Los Angeles, CA (2016)
ScareLA, Los Angeles, CA (2014, 2015)
72 and Sunny Day, Playa del Rey, CA (2015)
San Fernando Valley Historical Society Speaker Series, Los Angeles, CA (2015)

Press Coverage - "Avoiding Regret Through Exploration"