January 13, 2018

Underground Secrets and Australia's 9News

I used to be on TV all the time.

But it's been a while.

When we were hosting a crew for an Australian news team in the underground tunnels and former speakeasies of LA, I didn't even plan to be on camera. After all, I was just there to help out.

I didn't even bother to put my contacts in or put on any extra makeup. I was not what I would consider "camera-ready."

Screenshot via 9News

But then again, I'm kind of always ready for a camera. My mother would tell you I was born ready.

So, after descending into one of the stinkier basements I've ever experienced (at a location I'm not allowed to divulge), I found myself threading a microphone cord up my shirt and affixing a battery pack to my belt.

I knew what I had to say. Talking is never an issue for me. Still, my interviewer felt the need to try to script me. But I pity the fool who tries to put words into my mouth.

So, I said what I had to say—and in my own way. The sound-bite that made it in to the final piece was all mine, right down to the very last giggle.

And now I'm plotting my next TV appearance, back here in the States—but not in a tunn

For someone who gets a little panicky in dark, enclosed spaces, I sure have been spending a lot of time underground lately.

You can watch my Australian TV debut here.

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