July 17, 2017

Is It Worth the Wait?

It bills itself as "The Ultimate Disney Fan Event."

But, based on my experience of D23 today at the Anaheim Convention Center, either it's not, in fact, the ultimate event for fans...

...nor am I the ultimate fan.

I can think of better ways to spend my Sunday morning than standing in line for two hours outside the Anaheim Arena (1967, Adrian Wilson and Associates).

I can think of better reasons to stand in line for two hours than to attend a convention that's designed to keep me out of its most desirable events and attractions.

And I can think of better reasons to spend $60 than on a ticket for admission to a convention that just tries to sell me more things—and then makes me wait in line even longer to buy them.

For some people, it must be worth it—to spend not just one morning but three whole days this way. I suppose if you've been initiated into the cult of Disney, this could be your revival meeting.

But this morning, as I examined the faces of all those people who were in the same boat as me...

...I didn't see anybody really looking very happy.

Most everyone—especially those who'd bothered to dress in costume—seemed to be asking the question, "When will then be now?"

But "then" couldn't come soon enough for most of us—and by the time I got inside, after two hours' worth of waiting outside, I only had about an hour left in me to look around and learn something I didn't know.

I don't regret the money I'd spent on today's event...

...because I learned a valuable (albeit expensive) lesson.

circa 2016

I may be fascinated with many of Walt's historical contributions to modern amusements, but I'd much rather do than watch.

circa 2016

At least at Disneyland, there's a ride waiting for me at the end of the line.

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