May 19, 2017

Photo Essay: The Bunny Museum Strikes Back

I've always been more of a generalist. I know a little bit about a lot of things.

My father was the same.

My uncle was like that too.

And while I admire others who also have a wide breadth of knowledge, there's something to be said for someone who picks one thing and just goes with it.

I developed an affection for cute pigs sometime in high school or early college, but I was very particular about it—I didn't like (or want to collect) just any pig. It was only certain kinds.

But friends and family picked up on my small and highly curated collection and began giving me porcine gifts without regard to my particularities of taste, until I finally got maxed out on pigs.

For some people, it's horses, or cows, or yellow chicks, pink flamingos, black cats, and other such spirit animals.

For Candace Frazee, it's bunnies.

Candace is the founder of The Bunny Museum and has the honor of owning the Guinness Book of World Records' largest collection of rabbit-related items.

In it, there are bunny angels...

...clown bunnies... bunnies...

...creepy bunnies...

...and even marching band bunnies.

There are the long-eared...


...and Easter varieties...

...that come with all sorts of outfits, personalities, and interests.

The Bunny Museum doesn't discern between plush bunnies, carved bunnies...

...cookie jar bunnies, or even dust bunnies...

...but probably the most important part of the collection are the actual, living, breathing bunnies—whether they're of the taxidermied / freeze-dried sort, locked away in a glass case...

...or the cherry-nibbling variety that's free to roam the floor of its warren until such time that it will join the others in the case.

Candace had been running her museum out of the Pasadena house that she lived in, until she ran out of room and had to relocate her collection of 33,000 items to a more commercial-friendly space in Altadena.

The love for rabbits that she shares with her "honey bunny" (her husband Steve) doesn't seem to show show any sign of waning. In fact, with every day that passes, and with each gift of each of those days, the museum gets closer and closer to its goal of one million bunny items.

So, I'm either really missing out on something when it comes to the rabbit world, or Candace is really missing out on the rest of the animal kingdom.

But there is one way to get her to make room for some other critter, be it a Hello Kitty or a Mickey Mouse: Dress it up like a bunny.

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