February 07, 2017

I'm Not In Love

...but I've been in love before.

Mosaic Heart by Robin Murez (Venice, CA)

I loved the one who cheated on me.
I loved the one who cheated on his girlfriend with me.

I loved the one who married somebody else.
And I loved the one who loved liquor more than me.

I've had enough of love.
I don't want to love, and I don't want to be loved.

Not like that.
Not that way.

I'm OK with the fact that the love of my life is my cat.
And I may not be his, but I feel loved when we're together.

It's a love that gives as much as it takes from me.
That's a different kind of love.

But we speakers of the English language only have one word for all the loves,
no matter how different they are from one another.

At this point in my life, I'll take almost any kind of love...
...just not that kind of love.

As I look back, I'm glad I loved. I know what love is.
I've lost it, but I know what it's like.

But no more love.
No more love like that.

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