March 31, 2016

Photo Essay: Glamping it Up

It's not often that I would devote an entire photo essay to one hotel where I just spent one night.

But Cuatrocuatros in the Valle de Guadalupe region of Baja California isn't just a hotel.

And while I usually go pretty bare bones with my overnight accommodations—and therefore don't spend much time there other than sleeping and showering—we actually cut our day off early to get to Cuatrocuatros sooner.

And while it was somewhat simple, efficient, and straightforward in its own way... was also quite glamorous.

This, after all, was glamping.

Now, I've only been camping once, in the July heat of the Anza-Borrego desert; but even at other time, I always seem to be fantasizing about sleeping outdoors—just, in a real bed, with some kind of shelter.

I do enjoy showering al fresco.

And the cabanas at Cuatrocuatros provided all of that, under a tent that zipped up tight, outfitted with a space heater to keep us warm at night.

We practically had the whole place to ourselves, so we wandered through the vineyard to explore the grounds...

...including the mysterious ships washed ashore...

...that didn't seem to have any way of climbing up and captaining...

...and no explanation as to how or why they'd gotten there in the first place.

Cuatrocuatros was built upon fertile land, with water crossings...

...mighty trees...

...and a fog that started rolling in and out—and back in—before the day was even over.

Though the property is huge, it's still being built out as an all-in-one sanctuary where you can recharge your battery and would never have to leave to eat, drink, adventure, or relax.

They've built a winetasting room atop an overlook...

...where you can soak in views of the Pacific Ocean...

...while sitting on bales of hay...

...and soaking in some of their own wine as the sun sets in the west.

Everything seemed to glow there. The stars were brighter and more abundant than I'd seen in a long time—probably since the last time I spent the night in the desert.

And we had to be dragged away in the morning, as we made plans for when we could return...and stay longer next time.

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